The following movies are coming soon.


In Pre-Production:

‘EYE OF THE PEACOCK’ – When a young woman takes a Hawaiian island bus tour, she gets bitten by a peacock at a volcanic park and stays to explore the island spirits.

‘AN 1812 PIRATE TREASURE’ – When a history major finds a time-travcl source back to the past, she has to prevent her companions from changing the outcome of the War of 1812.

‘THE BLOODY VIAL’ – ‘The new vampire dentist in-training needs to bestow the vial containing the magical blood of the first vampire — to himself, fellow vampires or a needy human? True blood comes with a bite! The on-going saga of the Vam Dent Family from Transylvania — the sequel to ‘VAMPIRE DENTIST‘.’

In Development :

  • WINE CRIMES – mystery/suspense TV series
  • CROSSING GUARD SANTA – children’s Christmas feature film
  • BAPTISM FALLS – action-packed thriller feature film in Niagara Falls
  • SAFE SEX SUMMER CAMP – teen comedy feature film
  • ALIENS RETURN- action-packed sci-fi thriller feature film
  • DOUBLE STEED – teen horse drama feature film
  • OLDER WOMEN & YOUNGER MEN: The Homeboys – erotic/ comedy feature film

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