Dreamy eyes, glossy hair, perfect teeth, tempting lips, great abs and butt…

Have you ever encountered a man so charming that you gave up your time, money, virtues, and unmentionables just to be with him?  You did things for him that you now shake your head.

Later only to find out he was a cheater, liar, thief, criminal, addict, etc.

Why do women fall for the BAD BOY?

He may not only be your husband and spouse or your employer but he could be your brother, son, grandson, father, cousin, brother-in-law – can you think of a few.

His clothes (Armani suit, black leather jacket or cutoffs), his music, his vehicle (motorcycle, convertible or Hummer), his toys (ATM, snowmobile, sailboat)

Share with me how you met him, what attracted you to him, and if you ended it or not at info (at) cjcpinc.com. Contributors will be sent a questionnaire to remind them about some of the heat and ecstasy, the tears and tantrums, the sorrow and regret. Your privacy will be maintained.  BAD BOYS are welcome to tell their side of the story!

Christine Whitlock, Writer / Self-Publisher www.cjcpinc.com will be publishing a new series in digital and print about women’s relationships. Christine will be sharing her own encounters with BAD BOYS in her relationships and family.

As an independent publisher, Christine has successfully self-published (32) books on bicycling and (25) membership directories for WOMEN WHO EXCEL INC.

LOVING THE BAD BOY is scheduled for a ?  release in both digital and print format.

LOVING THE BAD BOY will include specific information about the various BAD BOYS. Counselors and health professionals will comment on the psychology of women and BAD BOYS.  Retailers will profile the type of clothes, vehicles and jewellery that BAD BOYS like.  Local authors with BAD BOY characters will tell how they did their research.  Popular movies will be discussed that capture the BAD BOY essence.

The book launch will be a fundraiser for women’s centres and charities with a fashion show, exhibit tables, a psychic, tarot card reader, and some BAD BOYS to have your photo taken with. Story contributors will get special recognition and discounts at the book launch.

LOVING THE BAD BOY at over 100 pages will retail at $20.00.  Orders of five or more books are $15.00 each. To order an advance copy which includes shipping and taxes, you can pay by bank INTERAC e-Transfer to info(at)cjcpinc.com or an invoice can be sent to pay by PayPal. Limited advertising within the book will be offered.

For more information, contact Christine Whitlock, Writer / Self-Publisher,  Cellphone and Text: 905/512-8123 , info(at)cjcpinc.com