SHARP TEETH – the suspense of Jaws and the comedy of Benny Hill collided in Hamilton Harbour, you would get a movie called Sharp Teeth. Nathan Fleet, Director of the Hamilton Film Festival 2009.

VAMPIRE DENTIST – Jury Review from ‘Night of the Living Dead Film Festival’:
Quirky , low budget gag-fest..insane Canuxploitation, inspired b-movie madness..  disturbing love child of Roger Corman, Troma, Krofft Supershow & Hilarious House of Frightenstein…

Your 3 videos made a great present for each of my three children. We totally enjoyed watching them together as a family.

Julie Stobbe, Trained Professional Organizer
Mind over Clutter, Professional Organizing

I’m also the one who nearly fell off her chair at the mention of the title Vampire Dentist, since I am a hygienist and my son is a dentist. Much of my world during my career has been in the world of dentistry.

Well, I certainly was entertained and fascinated by the movie. What an undertaking with such a gigantic cast – I can only imagine what had to take place to coordinate that many characters, their makeup, costumes, etc. I really got a taste of the vampire world, which is new to me. Of course, I was focused on every dental detail. Just when the hygienist
came in to be interviewed (are there many male hygienists in Canada? Rare here), I realized I’ll have to wait until that Part II editing funding comes through. I especially enjoyed all the outdoor park scenes – lots of eerie suspense. And the vampire makeup – superb.

All the best,
Marsha Mayer, USA