COURTROOM (470 words) crime drama short story; A threatened woman juror sees the innocent man convict himself.

HOSPITAL BIRTH (published) (673 words) fantasy/horror short story; A baby’s birth is overseen by creatures with their own delivery room.

EXPOSED (775 words) True crime drama short story; Two women recant to the police their encounter in the woods.

WINTER COVER (published,) (600 words) crime drama short story. A husband and secretary’s tryst becomes deadly.

ABANDONED CEMETERY (2769 words) (horror) A lonely ghost creates havoc.

THE BLOOD VIAL ATTACK (776 words) (horror) A Goth steals a vial with consequences.

ROTTED WOOD (655 words) (horror) A piece of wood creates havoc.

POLICE CALLS (published) (633 words) (crime) Children’s pranks develop sinister.

THE PEELING (521 words) (horror) A woman transforms after a Caribbean trip.  

HAMBURGER JOINT (horror) (505 words) A hungry man’s plight.

SPEED TRAP (comedy/drama/crime) (881 words) A private road race becomes complicated.

THE EMAIL (490 words) (horror) Two vicious women oust their rival.

TEXAS KILLER SNAILS (868 words) (sci-fi) A teen boy’s summer turns acid.

JOY VS PLEASURE (essay) (796 words)

Vampire Dentist – exerpt  (published, ) (2540 words) The adapted beginning script of the popular indie feature film.

FIRST WOMAN ON MARS (essay) (624 words) My childhood dream has changed.

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