Numerous webinars and Zoom Meetings, 2020 – 2021;

Writing for Children and Young Adults, Brian Henry, On-line Zoom, 2020;

Fresh & Edgy Screenwriting, Advanced Dialogue, Power Players, ScreenwritingU, 2019;

How to Write a Made for TV Film & How to Write a Film That’s Made for Cable TV Format, Stage 32, 2019;

George Brown College Toronto, Novel Writing Certificate, (2018);

Travel Writing, Science Fiction Worlds, Mohawk College, Hamilton, 2018;

Comedy Writing, Subtext Secrets, Writing Assignment Class, ScreenwritingU, 2017;

Mastering The Thriller Genre, ScreenwritingU, 2017;

Creative Writing – Getting Started, Expressive Writing, George Brown College, Toronto, 2017;

Creating Terrifying Horror Screenplays, ScreenwritingU, 2017;

Profound Screenwriter Program, ScreenwritingU, 2017;

Intermediate Creative Writing, Brian Henry, Burlington, 2017;

Various tele-courses, ScreenwritingU, 2015 – 2017;

Beginner-level Screenplay Writing Workshop, Gabriel D’Angi, Hamilton, 2016;

Writing your life & other true stories, Brian Henry, Burlington, 2015;

Stage Management, Play Writing, Producing; Set Design; Players Guild of Hamilton, 2015;

Directing, hosted by Sandy McDonald, Theatre Ontario, 2014;

Short Story Writing 1, (Nancy Kilpatrick), George Brown College, Toronto, 2014;

Creating Science Fiction, (Nina Munteanu), George Brown College, Toronto, 2013;

DVD Authoring, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, 2013;

Writing Great Characters, Brian Henry, Mississauga, 2013;

Post Production Fundamentals, Michael Beard, LIFT Toronto, 2013;

Essentials of Continuity and Script Supervision, Daniela Saioni, Raindance Toronto, 2013;

Novel Writing I – How to Start Writing Your Novel, George Brown College, Toronto, 2013;

Producing Short Films & Online Distribution Strategies, Charles Street Video, Toronto, 2013;

How to Write a Bestseller – Kelley Armstrong, Brian Henry, Oakville, 2013;

Canadian Indie Film Producing, Raindance Toronto, 2013;

Successful Screenwriting, Raindance Toronto, 2013; Writing a Page Turner, Brian Henry, Burlington, 2012;

Social Media Foundation Certificate for Filmmakers, Raindance Toronto, 2012;

Cinematography, DOC, Toronto, 2012; Film Financing, Raindance Toronto, 2012;

Introduction to PhotoShop, DGC, Toronto, 2012; Screen Adaptation, (Randy Pearlstein), DGC, Toronto, 2012;

ScriptwritingU Pro Series, 2011-2012; Creating & Producing Your Own TV Series (Allan Novak), DGC, 2012

Script Writing (Randy Pearlstein), DGC, Toronto, 2011; Story Lab Toronto, Toronto, 2011;

10 Second Movie, DGC, Toronto, 2010;

Find the Heart of Your Writing, Part II

Documentary Workshop, Multicultural Cinema Club, Kitchener ON, 2009

Documentary Writing Intensive; Editing Aesthetics; Distribution Strategy, LIFT, Toronto, 2009

Writing TV Comedy, Bad Dog Theatre Toronto, 2009

Comedy Writing I , The Second City Training Centre Toronto, 2008

Introduction to Comedy Writing, The Second City Training Centre Toronto, 2007

Scriptwriting II, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2006;

NBC Universal Women Writers Workshop, WIFT Toronto, 2006

Developing Sensual/Erotic Writing Styles, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2005

Scriptwriting Rules; Cobwebs, Creaks & Cadavers: Horror Writing, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2004

Sketch: Writing & Performance, Humber College Toronto, 2004

Crafting the Modern Mystery, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2003

Writing Speculative Fiction, Ryerson University Toronto, 2003;

Scriptwriting: Comedy, Humber College Toronto, 2003

Groaners and Beyond: Humour Writing, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2003

How to Create, Pitch & Produce Your Own Series, Max the Mutt Animation School Toronto, 2002

Playwriting Workshop; Writing Television Situation Comedy, Ryerson University Toronto, 2002

The Game’s Afoot: A Mystery Writing Workshop, McMaster University, Hamilton ON, 2002

The Humber School of Comedy Summer Workshop, Humber College Toronto, 2002

George Brown College Toronto, Creative Writing Certificate, (2002)

Romance Writing; Scriptwriters’ Workshop – Advanced; Writing for Children I, George Brown College Toronto, 2002

Playwriting; Dialogue Workshop; Writing TV Scripts that Sell; George Brown College Toronto, 2001

Write Your Own Screenplay, George Brown College Toronto, 2000

Storytelling & Story Development for Animation, Max the Mutt Animation School Toronto, 2000

Writing for Animation, Centennial College Toronto, 2000;

Short Film Writing, LIFT Toronto, 1999

Writing for Children, Barbara Greenwood: Instructor, Ryerson University Toronto, 1997

Michael Haege’s Screenwriting for Hollywood, Ryerson University Toronto, 1997

Scriptwriting I & II, Ryerson University Toronto, 1987-88

Ryerson University Toronto, Magazine Journalism Certificate, (1988)