BAPTISM FALLS – action/adventure feature script
An injury-recovering New York middle-age cop agrees to go to Niagara Falls for a romantic anniversary weekend only to find that his wife’s interest is really an environmental group to save Goat Island and where he confronts his police academy bully who blocks his kidnapped wife’s rescue from a crazed evangelist from the brink of Niagara Falls and an aging trapeze artist from the Whirlpool Falls.

PIG OUT – teen comedy/drama feature script
Four high school girls are transformed into pigs at a sleepover and must change their ideals and attitudes to become normal for the prom dance.

SCREAM GYM – horror/comedy feature film
An evicted mall pet store owner creates havoc on a women’s gym when he is romantically rejected by a fitness instructor.

RED EYE DEMON – horror/drama feature film
A priest questioning his religion flying back on an overnight flight from his sister’s funeral battles the dead sister and her demon master.

MARS SURROGATES – sci-fi thriller feature script
A barren scientist is asked to secretly transport Martian embryos in women’s bodies but one of the women is infected.

VAMPIRE BEACH – horror/drama feature film
A couple’s first date’s romantic walk on the beach is interrupted by two battling vampire sectors.

– Writer of children’s comedy script RUDE SCHOOL

– Writer of comedy GOLF WIDOWS

– Writer of family drama SHORT STOP SANTA

– Writer of teen horror script VAMPIRE GIRLS

– Writer of weed action/comedy WEED HARVEST

– Writer of children’s edutainment shorts  ONCE UPON A

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