CHRISTMAS TOYMAKER (Christmas romance feature):

A passed-over children’s book editor helps a wooden toymaker with a large Christmas toy order and must decide her future work path and whether the toymaker is included in the plan. RECOMMENDED

PURE ROMANCE (romantic comedy feature):

What if a klutzy teacher, spurred by her mentor/friend, sells sex toys at parties for women in order to raise money to shelter abandoned dogs, and discovers that her uptight lawyer boyfriend is her slum landlord, who later rescues the women from a serious attack? RECOMMENDED

ALIEN RETURN (sci-fi thriller feature):

Las Vegas tour plane operator, Rick Adams, and cabby, Lorna Bates, uncover the secret vault where the Casino Mafia have hidden alien bodies since the Roswell crash of 1947.

RELATIVE CONTACT (thriller feature):

Remote farms — lone women — masked attacker — stumped local police. A new female TV reporter going back to her home town is the next victim. RECOMMENDED

THE BLOODY VIAL (horror/comedy feature):

Before the next full moon, a new Vampire dentist-in-training must choose between giving magical ancient vampire blood to himself, his jealous family vampires and friends, or saving a hot blonde babe from a needy bitten human.

Ancient Vampire Blood comes with a bite.

CROSSING GUARD SANTA (family feature):

When Nick North (Santa) accepts a position as a crossing guard to bridge finance the toy production, he encounters bullying by both children and adults and then must communicate the Christmas Spirit without magic to end the abuse.

DOUBLE STEED (teen horse drama feature):

When a teen girl has to take over the care and training of her competitor’s new horse, her compassion and companionship with the two horses wins her a dressage competition. RECOMMENDED Storyboards by Isaac La Russa

SAFE SEX SUMMER CAMP (teen sex comedy feature):

When foxy Gigi arrives at a dilapidated summer camp with her over-sexed boyfriend and horny friends, their hedonism is plagued by two nosy rich Arabs, a big Indian and the uptight high school administrator.

PATCHES’ PERIL (teen drama feature):

After running away from her drunk prostitute mother to her small town uncle’s home, a teenage girl must retrieve her two younger sisters before they are put into the big city street trade. Based on true facts.

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