– 2017 Executive Producer, Writer, Actor for SIRIUS STUFF 5.0 min. short science-fiction film

– 2016 Executive Producer, Writer, Actor for THE RING 6.0 min. short romantic/fantasy/thriller film

– 2015 Writer, Executive Producer, Actor for ALIEN RETURN 4.5 min. short sci-fi film

– 2014 Writer, Distributor, Producer, Actor for NOT MY BAG!!!, 2.5 min. short comedy film

– 2013 Writer, Director, Actor, camera operator for THIRST QUEST, 5 min. short comedy film

– 2012 Writer, Director, Producer for RE, DIMENSIONS, THE BRIGHT STAR OF ALPHERATZ, animated shorts

– 2012 Writer, Director, Actor for KOTAR’S REVENGE, short film

– 2010 – Writer, Producer, Director, Editor for 10-second short horror movie HYDE AND SHRIEK