At our second Zoom Scriptwriters meeting, we had introductions and everyone shared their loglines. We talked about markets, project updates, what are you working on, free resources and webinars, and other news. See the meetings at

We will now make this meeting bi-monthly for networking and sharing. Any genre: thriller, romance, family, drama, comedy, children’s, etc. Any format: feature, TV, short, and web. Directors, producers, filmmakers, development, and agents are welcome – tell us what you are looking for. Agenda will include: markets, events – what is on and off, self-introductions, pitch a logline, project update – what are you working on, courses, resources, and other news. Registration is required – up to 100 attendees. This meeting will be recorded and posted unedited on YouTube for your follow-up. The meetings are the first and third Mondays 7pm EST (2 hours). Contact Christine J. Whitlock for details.

Renaissance Virtual Conference, June 5-7, 2020. Bringing together authors and readers in the comfort of home. Sponsored by Renaissance Press

Christine J. Whitlock will be a panelist on Sat. June 06, 3pm EST on Building a Mystery: What draws us in and keeps us hooked? Our experts discuss what works and what doesn’t.

She will be referencing her two published crime flash fiction stories: WINTER COVER and POLICE CALLS.

Three full days of programs, including panels, readings, and general book celebrations with over fifty guest authors, and it’s completely free!

Christine J. Whitlock’s crime flash fiction story (639 words) POLICE CALLS has been accepted by Humans in the Wild: Reactions to a Gun Loving Country by Swallow Publishing and Mythic Picnic. The book will be published as a print-on-demand paperback, as a PDF, and as an E-book, which will be distributed through Smashwords and/or Amazon.

ANOTHEREALM purchased first-time electronic publication rights for the reprint of my crime/horror flash fiction WINTER COVER (600 words).